AASR 32nd Degree Wedding Band Style Masonic Ring Unique Design for Men 925k Sterling Silver



The Details of the Ring

– Acacia symbols and Double-Headed Eagle NMJ 32 (925k Sterling Silver)

Made entirely in the ISTANBUL

The General Details:

The rings are specially designed with Masonic symbols that has never seen before. In addition to the symbols of around the ring.

Our products are not mass produced.
Made entirely in the Ä°stanbul Grand Bazaar with traditional methods.
It means, all the products are custom designs which are hand cast with solid sterling silver and individually polished.

– Solid sterling silver
– Sterling silver weighs approx. 12 grams. (0,423 US. ounce)
– All faces has masonic symbols and the background has a depth.
– The background is oxidized silver which has a black effect.
– All styles available in US size 7,8,9,10,11,12,13 including 1/2 sizes.
– Each ring has the MU Design brand stamp and the 925k metal purity stamp to guarantee the originality.
– Posted with a beautiful gift box.

We do not use chrome plated pewter like some other retailers, all our products are 925k sterling silver. We guarantee it!


– After the payment received, please allow us to prepare the item for the shipment in 40 business days.
– The reason is because all products are hand crafted. Time is required to make a precise work of master craftsmanship.
– Up to 5-7 days are required for international shipping. With the time added for preparation it takes 7-8 weeks for you to receive the order.
– For golden alternatives, please send us a mail. You can check our Instagram page for golden products.


All designs are officially registered.


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