AASR 30th Degree Masonic Cufflinks
AASR 30th Degree Masonic Cufflinks

AASR 30th Degree Masonic Cufflinks

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The Details of the Cufflink

The Details of the Cufflink:

  • AASR Knight of Kadosh symbols with red hot enamel
  • Double headed eagle front side
  • Four elements symbol

The General Details:

The cufflink are specially designed with Masonic symbols that has never seen before. In addition to the symbols of the top face.

Our products are not mass-produced.

Our products are made entirely in İstanbul Grand Bazaar with traditional methods. It means that all the products are custom designs and they are hand cast with solid sterling silver and individually polished.

We do not use the plate, like some other retailers, all our products are solid real 925k sterling silver; 8k, 14k, 18k gold. We guarantee it!


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  • The reason of 20 business days is that all products are handcrafted. This time period is required in order to make a precise work of master craftsmanship.
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  • All designs are officially under international brand protection.

How to Clean and Care:

Please refer to the instruction card placed in the box.


Please refer to the Warranty Certificate placed in the box.