Triple poster about Autumn
Triple poster about Autumn
Triple poster about Autumn
Triple poster about Autumn
Triple poster about Autumn
Triple poster about Autumn
Triple poster about Autumn

Triple poster about Autumn

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"Why is autumn gloomy?

Is it the withering leaves, leaving behind the branches on which they joyfully blossomed in spring?

Is it because it reminds one of the breakups? Or, is it the autumn equinox drawing near, the days drawing in? Is it?

Or is it altogether?

Thus and so it will be colder.

The sun will make less of an appearance. The weather will be cloudy, dark, and wet.

Nature will be hushed. Birds shall migrate.

Lucky are the birds, no visas or passports necessary…

Whereas they were here just yesterday, before you know it, a short stay by the shores of The Nile at the Aswan Dam and then further south.

I have always envied the birds. As free as they can be, eyes set on the horizon, from continent to continent…"

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