Unique Esoteric & Mystic Jewelry

The Details of the Ring
– Solid 925k sterling silver
– Real Diamond front side of ring (0,1cr )
– 14k Rose Gold Double Headed Eagle on front side
– AASR SMJ Symbols
– Sword symbols are right and left side of ring
– AASR and Ordo Ab Chao written up and down side
– “Spes Mea In Deo Est” is written inside
– Red Enamel on front side

The Details of the Ring
– Black and white tiles symbol
– Forget me not flower (blue and yellow hot enamel)
– Acacia symbol
– Square and Compasses with pillar.
– Momento mori symbol with pillar.
– Four elements symbol
– “Virtus Junxit Mors Non Separabit” written inside

Story of this bracelet
– We’re in an infinite loop.
– Our lodge is immortal.
– Our mission, is immortal.
– Brotherhood is immortal.
– Because.
– Virtus Junxit Morse Non Separabit
– Black finish Rhodium plated options
The Details of the Bracelet
– Blue Lodge symbols
– “Virtus Junxit Mors Non Separabit” written inside

Details of the Ring
– Moon or Sun
– One or two ring
– Hammered

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With the background of 36 years of design experience, our philosophy is to approach our business with great passion. Every product we design with great care. We guarantee our quality for every product of us.

The Details of the Ring:
– 925k Solid Sterling Silver
– Solomon’s Temple Archway Symbols (Bronze)
– Square and Compasses Symbols (Bronze)
– Two Pillars Symbols (Bronze)
– Black and White Tiles Symbol
– Sun and Moon Symbols (Bronze)
– All Seeing Eye Symbol with Triangle (Bronze)
– Coffin and Skull Symbol (Bronze)
– Four elements symbol
– “Machbenah” is written inside

Ring detail
– 14K White or Yellow Gold can be chosen by customer
– “Acacia” symbol
The rings are specially designed with Masonic symbols that has never seen before. In addition to the symbols of the face

The Details of the Ring
– Acacia symbols (925k Sterling Silver)
The rings are specially designed with Masonic symbols that has never seen before. In addition to the symbols of around the ring.

Details of the ring
– Wedding band style
– Ring for Musicians
-“The Art of Fugue” Musical Note Written on
-14k Rose Gold or 925k Sterling Silver
– Black Enamel

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I have worked on product design commercially and academically for 36 years. Since 2007, I am doing literature studies for men’s jewelry and accessories. I passionately explored symbolism and created this unique set of jewelries.

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