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Exploring Uniqueness in Masonic Jewelry 


I had great interest in jewelry for so many years. And with the 37 experience that I have, I merged my passion into jewelry design and open this shop.

In the researches that I have made, I found that the symbols that are available in the masonic jewelries are so narrow.

The masonic symbols, as known, are much more. I used the symbols that are not used in the masonic jewelry before and then I categorized the designs by degree systems of Blue Lodge and Scottish Rite (A.A.S.R).

I explored dimension, form, manufacturing techniques and materials by making prototypes in the last 2 years.

The result of final products made me so proud of what I am doing and I decide to enlarge my product line with different set of materials, categories with all my effort.


Owner, Designer


I have worked on product design commercially and academically since 1978. And than 2007, I am doing literature studies for men’s jewelry and accessories. I passionately explored symbolism and created this unique set of jewelries.

We are living in a very strong cultural history and I want to represent this on jewelry to make them live forever.

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