Golden Ring with Secret Words

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Ring size: 7 1/2
Finish: 18k gold (outer white, inner rose gold)
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Regular price €4.631,07
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If you examine the Sumer history, you find very interesting information. As you know, all correspondence was written on clay tablets. Fortunately, these tablets were clay because they lasted thousands of years and now we can read them.

Agreements between two people were written on two intertwined clay tablets and were literally immortalized by baking in the oven. Normal contract clauses were written on the outer part and articles in dispute were written in the inner part. What a subtle idea! In case of disagreement, the outer coating was broken. Because general clauses had become meaningless. And so the inner text was reached. There were penal clauses therein, and they were written with the full consent of both parties in the first place. Sometimes the agreements were so long-lasting that the tablets were passed on to the next generations without breaking. In case of a disagreement, it was up to the next generations to break the tablet. These two-layered clay tablets could also contain secret texts between the two sides.

Referring to this ancient method, I designed a ring for the Knights Templar with a secret letter inside. The secret letter is written on a gold plate and is carefully hidden between two plates.

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Popular uses of this design: as anniversary, wedding, or engagement ring

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✔ Made by P.M Bro. Murat Bakis (Founder of Mu Design), every touch on his work of art is the distilled knowledge of his 40 years of a design career and in-depth knowledge of masonic and mystic history. His crafts are known and used worldwide in all masonic communities and beyond.

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